Massage Services

Root 62 offers a full menu of Massage Services.  

Call (847) 658-0062 to schedule an appointment.

Swedish Massage

Intended to improve circulation while reducing muscle soreness and creating a sense of relaxation.

30 minutes                    $30.00

45 minutes                    $45.00

60 minutes                    $60.00

90 minutes                    $90.00

Aroma Massage

A luxurious custom aromatherapy blend incorporated on the body during a fluid soothing massage.

60 minutes                    $70.00

90 minutes                   $100.00

Hot Stone Massage

Warm Basalt stones are applied to key points and used in flowing strokes creating lavish warmth and comfort.

60 minutes                   $100.00

90 minutes                   $130.00


True Essential Oils derived from plants promote physical and psychological well being. May be added to most services for $5.00.

Deep Tissue

Technique that uses a combination of slow deep strokes and friction across the muscle to release chronic muscle tension. May be added to most services for $10.00.